Apple Jar Labels

Apple jar labels that are decorative and available as free down loads for home canning labels which are distinctive, original, and colorful are hard to find. I had lots of fun designing my own decorative jar labels which can be used on boxes, jars, gifts and identification tags and many other home canning projects. Please feel free to use these free labels to create decorative jar labels to add your own unique touches to your home canning projects.

Round lid labels are the most difficult to find so I have started to design labels that will be suitable for this application. These labels are designed in a square format which can be down loaded to your label program on your computer to use standard label sheets available at your local office supply store. For these round labels, I use full sheet labels which must be cut by hand.

I found large, round labels from which measure 2" (suitable for regular mouthed jars) No. OL5375WX and 2 1/2" (which are suitable for wide mouth jars)No. OL350WX that are a little tricky lining up, but once set properly, offer stickable labels for your canning lids. The trick in aligning these labels is to set the top margin to 0.375", the bottom margin to 0.375", the left and right side margins to 0.15625" in the "custom labels" tab. Practice with plain paper, holding the page up to the light over a sheet of round labels and adjusting the margins until the "heart" of the labels are centered in the round labels. Once you are satisfied with the alignment, print the labels on the round label sheet, label by hand, and apply to the jar lids. If you wish to laminate the labels, you will need to hand cut the labels from the sheet.

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