Aromatherapy Uses of Basil

In modern aromatherapy, the major use of Basil essential oil is to treat respiratory infections such as bronchitis or whooping cough and to help relieve the fever often accompanying these ailments.

Basil essential oil is primarily added to other essential oils such as lavender to create a soothing massage oil for tired, strained or over-worked muscles. Try this recipe at home:

2 or 3 drops of Basil Essential Oil

5 to 6 drops of Lavender Essential Oil

1 ounce of Sweet Almond Oil (available in most health food stores)

In a small glass jar or bottle combine all of the ingredients and cap the container tightly. Shake to combine all of the oils together. After a long day on your feet or exercising, gently rub the oil into your tired muscles or feet to help the tense muscles relax. This is especially effective after a hot shower or bath.

This is helpful for athletes, dancers and other activities requiring muscle strength to relax the tension in the muscles after such strenuous activities.