Cherry Jar Labels

Distinctive cherry jar labels are a colorful, creative way to label your cherry jellies, jams, and pie fillings to store or give as gifts throughout the year. I offer these labels for free download in the hopes that they inspire you in your jar and gift labeling projects. Add a touch of 1950's retro to your jars, canisters, gifts, boxes or bins!

Vintage Cherry Labels

The following labels are designed to be used in the 3 1/3" x 4" format for commercially available shipping labels from any home office supply store. They are big and colorful and can be used on cherry jam and jelly quart jars, cherry flavored liqour bottles, flavored vinegar bottles and, of course, gift or book labels.

The following labels are design for the commercially available shipping labels that are 1 1/3" by 4". The format allows for 14 labels per sheet and are available in clear or white as address labels. Newer products offer weather resistant finishes that help protect the label somewhat during use.

Round Cherry Jar Labels

These labels were created to use on either the regular or wide-mouth jar lids used in home canning projects.