Decorative Jar Labels

Decorative jar labels can add finish and charm to your home canning projects. Feel free to download and print the labels here to create stunning gifts for all occasions.

My "day job" is designing, making and installing stained glass windows in churches throughout the New York Metropolitan area, which requires a certain degree of artistic ability. I love to use my design background to design labels and other graphics for use in slightly unconventional ways to fill a need that has been hard to find...decorative jar labels for home canning products. I am in the process of designing more labels, and am excited about being able to offer the designs for your home canning projects, if you choose. I would love to get feed back regarding your thoughts about the labels and any suggestions you might have.

Formats For Labels

There is a large variety of shipping and mailing labels that are readily available at office supply stores that are acceptable for jar labels. Most are either in the 3.33" x 4" @ 6 labels per sheet, 2" x 4" @ 10 labels per sheet or 1.33" x 4" @ 14 per sheet. They can be weather resistant, white or clear to offer a variety of finishes and design possibilities.

In order to make the labels larger, smaller or of a different shape, you will need to print them out on a full sheet label and hand cut them from the sheet. This also lends an opportunity to laminate the labels to help make them more moisture resistant.

I have notice of late that many of the stick-on label companies are now offering "speciality" labels that can be used with down-loaded templates available online. I have experimented with these labels, and, with a little patience and practice, you can master the 2" round, 2" square and the other templates offered.

Helpful Hint:

When practicing the alignment of the design to be printed, make sure you test first with regular paper. Once the paper has been printed, hold it up to the light to see if the designs align with the stickers. If not, adjust the parameters to fit. This might take a little patience, but, once your template is set you can save it for use with other label designs.

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