Decorative, original herb jar labels add charm to your home canning projects. Feel free to download these herb labels to identify your herbs in colourful, distinctive ways.

Most of the labels are designed for pre-cut 2" by 4" standard label sheets and can be entered individually through your return label feature on your computer. Most newer printers use permanent ink, so many will be "water resistant", meaning that the ink may not bleed, but the paper will breakdown if exposed to enough water.

If your printer does not use permanent ink, the best solution for the problem of bleeding is to laminate the labels and hand cut them from the sheet. This allows you to use solid page labels so that you can make the labels any size you wish. See my page on label laminating for complete details.

Basil Labels

Dill Labels

Lemon Balm Labels

Mint Labels

Oregano Labels

Parsley Labels

Rosemary Labels

Sage Labels