Making Mint Flavored Honey

Mint flavored honey is a delicious way to sweeten tea and impart the flavor of mint in salad dressings, marinades, and sauces. Dribbled over freshly baked biscuits and breads or as the "secret ingredient" in meat glazes, such as pork or lamb, and grilling sauces, mint honey is an incredibly versatile addition to any kitchen cupboard.

Equipment Required:

Clean glass jar with a tight fitting lid

Salad Spinner or Two Clean Kitchen Towels

Kitchen Shears or Chopping Board and Good Chopping Knife

Sheet of Wax or Parchment Paper

Bamboo Skewer


Fresh, Clear Honey

Whole Leaf or Chopped Mint


1. Fill the glass jar half way to the top with fresh honey.

2. Place either the chopped or whole leaf Mint into the jar, packing loosely, using the bamboo skewer to make sure the leaves are dispersed evenly throughout the honey.

3. Top off the herb infused honey with more honey to fill the jar.

4. Tighten the lid onto the jar and label.

5. To impart a stronger flavor of mint into the honey, place the honey filled jar on a sunny window sill for a week or two, shaking gently every couple of days to mix the herb oils in the honey.


After the initial period of seeping on the window sill in the sun, it is advised to move the honey to a place out of the sun. The honey jars are quite attractive and can be stored on your counter or in the cupboard and will keep indefinitely.

Honey tends to crystallize after a few years, but that neither effects the flavor or beneficial properties of honey. Simply place the GLASS jar in a small sauce pan with two to three inches of hot water and gently heat until the honey is warm, but not hot. Stir the honey to gather all of the crystals until all of the honey crystals have melted.

Using a microwave to heat up the honey is not advised as the temperature is not easy to control. Caution should be taken to heat the honey in very brief "blasts" and check and stir the honey often and heat only until warm...not hot. Heating the honey too much will cause a breakdown in the properties of the honey, compromising the quality.