Organic Vs. 100% Natural

As I walked down the Organic Foods aisle of my local grocery store, at first glance I was very impressed with the number of products that were offered that are an alternative to conventionally processed foods. Upon closer examination, however, I realized that only about 1/4 of the foods were actually Organic. I decided to do a little research and discovered the facts about 100% natural versus organic.

100% Natural

100% Natural means that the products that are made are allowed to be made with crops that are grown in the Big Agriculture companies using Round-up or other pesticides. The products may be Genetically Modified (which has now been proven to kill the beneficial bacteria in your system), and by-products...all listed as "Natural Ingredients". They are allowed to add sweeteners, coloring or other additives to extend the shelf life and the packaging is allowed to contain PBA's and other chemicals that are detrimental to your health.

Most of these crops are being "farmed" by HUGE agricultural companies that have been growing the same crop on the same ground year after year, destroying the natural composition of the soil and creating crops resistant to the very things that they have been "modified" to resist. This, in turn, means that the corporation just adds MORE pesticides to counter-act the resistance and the cycle continues, with more and more pesticides being dumped onto the crops.

The crops need more water, as the soil is of poor composition. This has already lead to "squabbles" in the Mid-west over who owns the water rights. In fact, in some states it is illegal to collect rain water for your own gardening use, because it has been deemed that you would be "sidrupting" the water flow from reaching the streams and flowing to the big agri-businesses!

The run-off of this excessive use of chemicals ends up in our ground water and drainage ditches where our domestic and wild animals can drink, causing unknown damage to them. The extra pesticides have boosted what is being called "super weeds" that have taken over areas of farm land, causing major problems because they are resistant to any pesticides!

Genetically Modified plants have very little if any nutritional value, since boosting productivity is paramount to nutrition! Many countries in Europe have already banned GMO products and seeds. Hungary is the latest example. Once the authorities found out that, somehow, the farmers had planted GMO corn and other crops, they took the unprecidented measure of plowing ALL of the fields that were planted with the tainted seed under, destroying the crops and banning GMO crops entirely!


I used to think that it was unfair how the Big-Agricultural companies that have a strangle hold on our government helped write the laws that made organic farming very difficult to get certification. Now, I am thankful, because, once certified, I know that the crops have passed rigirous testing, earning the USDA Certified Organic Label.

Organic food products have to pass the strict requirements of the USDA and cannot be grown with the use of commercial fertilizers, growth horomones or any other chemical designed to boost productivity. Fruit trees cannot be sprayed with chemical thinners or fungicides. Vegetables cannot be sprayed with Round-up or any other pesticide and cannot be genetically modified in any way. Most of the crops are from Heirloom seeds that have been proven to be good producers, still full of the nutritional value that the crop is known for.

Organic food producers use environmentally sound growing practices, using only organic, natural fertilizers such as chicken "litter" (my favorite) or manure from organically raised, free-range cattle or horses. This boosts the natural composition of the soil, which allows earth worms to prosper, breaking down the soil particles and adding beneficial bacteria and nutrients necessary for strong roots and good productivity of the plants. As a result, there are no run-off by-products leaching into an already strained water supply. This natural soil holds water better to allow the plants optimal watering, so that less water is needed to grow the crops.

Moral of the Story:

If your intention is to avoid GMO, pesticide laden food products and get the most nutritional value from your food you have only one choice...BUY ORGANIC and start your own organic garden.

100% Natural DOES NOT mean Organic!