Preserving Your Vegetable Harvest

Preserving vegetables from your garden for use during the winter is not only a great way to make sure that your family eats the very best food available on earth, but also food products free from pesticides and growth stimulants. The benefits of harvesting your own vegetables are almost as numberous as the huge variety of vegetables available for most gardeners. You have the knowledge of knowing that the vegetables you grow are grown without the aid of commercial fertilizers and have been grown with loving care. The seeds and seedlings can be chosen to make sure that your family will not be eating genetically modified food products, assuring that the food is as nutritionally balanced and wholesome as possible and fresh, since you know when it was picked. You know that the packaging that you use are not only environmentally responsible as almost all of the canning supplies can be reused, reducing the amount of packaging headed to landfills each day. Since most of the canning is done in glass jars, you know that there are no dangerous chemicals found in many of the plastic containers that modern food is now packaged in. You know that the vegetables are fresh and have not traveled half-way across the world to appear in your grocery store. And, perhaps the best reason of all is that gardening is one of the best family activities to share as a family. Even the youngest children love to plant seeds and water plants! Teaching your children where their food comes from through nature is a really great way to show them to respect nature and that there can be great rewards for caring for Mother Earth.